The Art of Swordplay.

This super-adventure follows a group of individuals who have have been teleported to a dimension governed by the laws of magic as well as those of science. During the transportation, each person hears a voice in his head that asks him specific questions regarding his general problem-solving strategies and inclinations, and his background.

The voice tells them they are needed to purge this world of a great evil: a being of demonic and elemental chaos. A series of trials will prepare him for the final confrontation, but none can do it alone. Others have been chosen that can assist him in this quest.

When the teleportation ends, everyone finds themselves together in a great market square. Many of the group show themselves to be demi-human: be it Elvish, Dwarven, or a halfling. Many of the humans in the group erupt in blue flame, though it appears to be harmless. Then the fires die, those on fire are left with some visible mark or residual flames.

Each is also wearing garb that reflects their backgrounds.

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The Art of Swordplay

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