Zhadnyy Volk

Baron Zhadnyy Volk was a werewolf and the third lieutenant in the Prison Plane created by Mortannis to contain the beast. He was more independent than the rest of the lieutenants but still ‘tongue-tied’ as to not reveal important information.

Volk was very loyal to his pack, and wouldn’t allow them to become unwilling thralls of his twin brother, the Master Vampire. He took his brother’s heart to purify it and release those enthralled by him, but the heart was too powerful for him to control and it ultimately led to his downfall.

In his final confrontation with the party, he could only talk about his “father” and how he was split from his twin to cut his power down.

He carried the magic Longsword [redacted], originally used by [redacted], [redacted].

Zhadnyy Volk

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